King Karmai a success!

Our school production took place on Wednesday 17 September and saw our whole school involved in a matinee and evening show of King Karmai. Both shows were received very well by the audiences and we are happy to declare King Karmai a smashing success!

In the show, Karmai meets lots of characters on his way to the Korumburra Festival and these animals give him lots of advice on how to find what his talent could be for the festival. Our classes sang and danced through different songs to support what Karmai was learning in his travels. Special congratulations to all the students who were performing as main characters in the production as they were confident and fantastic in their roles in front of such large audiences!

Congratulations must also go to Ms Smith, Mrs Snooks, Ms Warren and Mrs Simcock on their singing and acting direction, choreography, costumes, backdrops, props and overall organisation of our production. It was colourful, energetic and wonderful to watch!

Karmai 1


Connecting with authors

Skype with an author“On Wednesday we connected with an author in the United States on Skype. We did it in the classroom and used the big whiteboard and Ms H’s computer. Most of us were confident but some of us were a bit nervous since we did not know each other. We had fun with Carol Ekster who wrote “Ruth the Sleuth and the Messy Room”. It was 10am here but in the United States it was 8pm. She read the book to us and we had to find the new character that the illustrator had added (it was the interesting cat). Everyone had a fantastic time Skyping with Carol Ekster.”

– By CH 1/2


Before Wednesday, the class read Carol’s book “Ruth the Sleuth and the Messy Room” and talked about connections we made between the book and our own lives. There was a lot since everyone has had a messy room before! We also made Ruth’s chocolate cookies and talked about our favourite parts of the story – here are a few examples below:

  • Ruth the Sleuth“My favourite part was when Ruth’s friend Zack rolled across the floor leaving a trail of toys” – Liam.
  • “My favourite part was when her neighbour Zack jumped in one pile, dived into another and rolled in the pile because it reminds me of me.” – David
  • My favourite part was when her friend Zack came in. Zack said it looked like a vacuum threw up in here. It was funny.” – April
  • My favourite part was when Ruth found the $10 note in an old birthday card because she danced around shouting money, money, money.” – Oscar
  • “My favourite part of the story was when Ruth found a pink eraser and threw it across the room and made a basket.” – William


**Our class was able to connect with Carol through the Skype in the Classroom program which connects classes to classes and guest speakers all around the world.**

Mixed Netball Team – 2nd in State!

What a day of netball and amazing sportsmanship!

Ready to play!Tuesday September 9th saw Ms Huntly and some parent drivers/supporters head to Melbourne with a team of 10 students from Years 5 and 6. The boys and girls in this team had been training for the last term and a half to prepare for the Netball Victoria Primary Schools Competition and were very excited for the day to arrive!

After the slow drive to Melbourne through the morning rush hour traffic – despite leaving at 6am! – our students began playing what was to be a very long day of netball. In our pool draw we played 7 games with 2 x 6 minute halves and a 1 minute half time break. We began the day looking one game at a time…. but as we went on we started to get a little excited. See if you can guess why:

  • Game 1: Korumburra wins 10 – 3
  • Game 2: Korumburra wins 7 – 5
  • Game 3: Korumburra wins 15 – 0
  • Game 4: Korumburra wins 6 – 5
  • Game 5: Korumburra wins 13 – 0
  • Game 6: Korumburra wins 3 – 2
  • Game 7: Korumburra wins 7 – 6

Following these results, we were on top of the ladder and had to play off in the semi finals against the number 2 team in Pool A. That game was close as well, with Korumburra pulling ahead in the last few minutes to win the game 8 – 6.

What did this mean? For the first time in 3 years the KPS team had made it to the Grand Final! We were playing against the top team from Pool A. We were pumped, nervous and excited. But despite our best efforts, we just couldn’t make our tired bodies keep up the relentless effort we asked – at the end of the final Korumburra found itself with the lower score: 5 – 8. Unfortunately we did not walk away with the “Premiership”, but we do hold the right to say we are the 2nd best mixed primary netball team in the state!

Liz Watson and medalsCongratulations to Darci, Maddie, Tyler, Oliver, Brian, Heidi, Ellie, Belle, Zoe and Taleesha. What a wonderful day!

As an added bonus to the day, Melbourne Vixen player Liz Watson was around for the afternoon and became friendly with the KPS team, signing autographs and even agreeing to come and watch us play the semi final and final (which she did!). She also presented us with our medals and was kind enough to sign them before we left. Thanks for the time Liz – we can’t wait to see you play on court for the Vixens again next ANZ Championship season!

A note from Ms Huntly –
As a coach and teacher, I must congratulate the team on the effort they gave today. All members of the team were not only encouraging, supportive and enthusiastic throughout the day to each other but also to the other teams they played against. They displayed wonderful sportsmanship and were amazingly mature and responsible ambassadors of our school. I was very proud to be able to say I was the coach of the Korumburra Primary team today. It was a lot of fun and excitement – especially with meeting Liz Watson – and I’m sure the team will remember it as a great day out!

Ice Bucket Challenge – part 2!

On Monday Mr Pirouet took part in the Ice Bucket Challenge in front of the whole school, donating money to an MND/ALS charity and taking the plunge in a dumping of ice water. He then put out the challenge to any staff wishing to take part to do so at the end of the week.

Mr Friebe being iced!Today was the end of the week – and seven staff bravely volunteered to be iced in front of the school.

Although it was the warmest day so far this week, it was still chilly in the morning as the staff were lined up in their seats. The Year 6 leaders standing behind them looked very happy to be part of this event! Following a count down, each staff member was covered with ice water to the delight of the school – and some were even hit twice!

We congratulate Mr Kilpatrick, Ms Abbot, Ms Young, Mr Friebe, Mr Wells, Mrs Hodgson and Mrs Mulqueeny for braving the cold and supporting a wonderful cause. Well done!

As a reminder, the Ice Bucket Challenge is currently a way to raise awareness and money for Motor Neurone Disease (MND) or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).


Of course we filmed the fun again! Here is the video:


Prep Night Fun

Dressing up on Prep NightOn Wednesday 3rd September, Korumburra Primary filled with princesses, policeman, superheroes, pirates, animals and other characters. Our Prep students left school as students and came back dressed in their favourite dress up costumes so they could take part in an activity night.

A visitor to the Prep Night!

And what a night it was! Arrival time was full of picture taking and chatter, then we took part in a costume parade where Clifford the Big Red Dog turned up! He was looking for Marley but decided to stay and have a look at some of our great costumes before leaving again.

Following this fun we went into the Art Room for some delicious food left by our parents. Thanks of all the yummy choices – everyone had LOTS to eat! We all really enjoyed our dinner. To finish off the evening we had some game time in some Year 1/2 classrooms – that was very exciting as well to see the “big” classrooms!

Thanks to our wonderful Prep teachers for the excellent night!

Continued support from our local IGA

IGA presentationWe received a donation cheque from our local IGA supermarket this week in the amount of $3525. It was presented to our School Captains Darci and Kieran.

This money is donated funds from customers who participate in the Community Rewards program. Customers can choose to nominate for their points to contribute to a certain local business or service and these points are converted into money that IGA then donates to these local schools, sporting clubs and services.

We would like to thank IGA Korumburra for their continued support of our school through this program as well as other grants and opportunities. Thank you!

The Ice Bucket Challenge reaches KPS!

Mr Pirouet gets ready!At Monday’s assembly Mr Pirouet honoured a challenge he had received from two students to take part in the Ice Bucket Challenge.

The Ice Bucket Challenge is currently an international phenomenon. It is raising awareness and money for Motor Neurone Disease (MND) or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and so far has been very successful with lots of people getting behind the idea.

The ice is poured!By dumping ice water over your head, you experience for a small moment some of the sensation that those suffering from the condition go through. Mr Pirouet said after he had the ice water dumped over his head that he had felt pain in his neck and his back had “gone into spasms” from the cold. Not only did he complete the challenge but he also pledged to donate $50 to towards a MND/ALS charity.

Prior to the challenge, following the “rules”, Mr Pirouet nominated every staff member at KPS who would like to be part of the challenge to take it up at Friday’s assembly. So we are looking forward to our Ice Bucket Challenge, Part 2!

Which staff will take up the challenge next?

Of course it was filmed! Watch the ice challenge below: