Connecting with authors

Skype with an author“On Wednesday we connected with an author in the United States on Skype. We did it in the classroom and used the big whiteboard and Ms H’s computer. Most of us were confident but some of us were a bit nervous since we did not know each other. We had fun with Carol Ekster who wrote “Ruth the Sleuth and the Messy Room”. It was 10am here but in the United States it was 8pm. She read the book to us and we had to find the new character that the illustrator had added (it was the interesting cat). Everyone had a fantastic time Skyping with Carol Ekster.”

– By CH 1/2


Before Wednesday, the class read Carol’s book “Ruth the Sleuth and the Messy Room” and talked about connections we made between the book and our own lives. There was a lot since everyone has had a messy room before! We also made Ruth’s chocolate cookies and talked about our favourite parts of the story – here are a few examples below:

  • Ruth the Sleuth“My favourite part was when Ruth’s friend Zack rolled across the floor leaving a trail of toys” – Liam.
  • “My favourite part was when her neighbour Zack jumped in one pile, dived into another and rolled in the pile because it reminds me of me.” – David
  • My favourite part was when her friend Zack came in. Zack said it looked like a vacuum threw up in here. It was funny.” – April
  • My favourite part was when Ruth found the $10 note in an old birthday card because she danced around shouting money, money, money.” – Oscar
  • “My favourite part of the story was when Ruth found a pink eraser and threw it across the room and made a basket.” – William


**Our class was able to connect with Carol through the Skype in the Classroom program which connects classes to classes and guest speakers all around the world.**