Art Show Opening

photo (1)Friday afternoon was the official opening of the Korumburra Primary School annual Art Show. The entire school was in attendance in the gym as we celebrated the beginning of a two week showcase period of our student’s creations being on display.

It was all kicked off by some Year 6 “Spring Chickens” who danced us into the event and who looked very bright and colourful to match the theme of “Spring”. As well as Mr Gray and Mr Pirouet, there was a guest speaker by the name of Emily Koenders who spoke to the students about being a professional artist and how she started by entering art shows when she was a teenager.

We then were taken via “live feed” to the gallery where a Year 6 student interviewed some of the individual “artists” who were showing their work – and was thrown out by security when he tried to enter the second gallery room! (It wasn’t officially opened yet of course!) The whole school sung a special song they had been working on in Music sessions lately and then finally it was time to cut the ribbon! Mrs Simcock and Mrs Warren both held the ribbon while Emily cut it as our official guest.

All classes will be walking down to the Art Show to view the pieces and see it all put together during their Art sessions over the next two weeks. If members of the public would like to have a look at our student’s wonderful artistic work they are more than welcome – the gallery will be open during the day and over the weekend at various times:

  • Monday – Friday: 10am – 5pm
  • Saturday – Sunday: 10am – 2pm

We would like to say thank you to the Parents and Friends who have volunteered some of their time to sit with the Art Show so it can be open to the public throughout the day. We appreciate your help in showing our student’s work to the public!

A massive thank you and well done must also go to Mrs Warren and Mrs Simcock for putting together an amazing Art Show this year. We have an amazing program here at KPS and it definitely shows in the work that is displayed not only in the Art Show but all over our school throughout the year. Congratulations on your efforts this year!

More reports on the Art Show to follow…………..


Walking to School Bus morning

Oh what a beautiful morning! Friday morning saw wonderful sunshine – even if there was a bit of cool wind around – which pleased lots of students and teachers as we prepared for another Walking to School Bus morning!

KPS has been holding Walking to School Bus mornings for the past few years. The focus is on healthy living and exercise which is promoted by a walk to school with teachers, parents and students followed with breakfast for those involved. At 8am on these mornings teachers set out towards school from different points around the town, “picking up” students (and parents) who are waiting to “catch the bus” to school that day. Once at school a healthy breakfast of toast, cereal, fruit and juice is on offer – to have as their first or second breakfast of the day!

Friday October 17th saw many students join in on the KPS Walking Buses and it was a wonderful success, as it has been in the past. Thankfully the weather was cooperating with us and we all had a lovely walk on our routes to school – I didn’t hear any reports of magpie swooping either thankfully!

This month the South Gippsland Shire are promoting the Walking to School Buses and as a result of holding ours last week, KPS received a participation certificate and a voucher from SportsFirst for the school. Thank you to the Shire for their support of the Walking School Bus initiative and Korumburra Primary School.

Here are some pictures of some students enjoying their breakfast once they arrived at school:

Year 6 Secondary Transition Program

At the end of Term 3 most of our Year 6 students were involved in the two day Transition program at Korumburra Secondary College. Our students were engaged in a variety of activities to give them a taste of secondary school life. The Home Economics activity (fruit kebabs, caramel sauce and ice cream was particularly tasty!!)

The feedback we received from Mrs Linda Jennings and the other KSC staff was they were most impressed with the maturity and attitude of our students.

Please take the time to read a selection of our students’ writing below that detail their thoughts about the program.

~ Written by Mr Friebe

Transition ABC – by Ella

Transition report – by Gina


Allambee Camp Report 2014

allambee groupCamp this year was a blast! So much to say, where do we start? It was a long windy trip but we finally made it. Everyone participated in all activities, even the scariest of them. It was full on from start to end, not to mention the two birthday celebrations.

There were ups and downs (especially on the giant swing) every activity was spectacular! Here are some of our favourites…

  • Zoom, the flying fox was long. I felt like I was going to fall out of my harness. But we all loved it.
  • The Giant swing was fabulous because everyone loved the exhilarating rush when you dropped. Everyone was SO nervous to pull the rope.
  • The vertical challenge was a great experience and AWESOME fun. Everyone was nervous beforehand but they all had a go anyway.

There would be no better camp! We’d like to thank all the helpers that came along, especially the staff at the camp.

 Written by Raj, Joel, Blake and Chris 

Allambee Camp

Staff vs Students Netball Clash

2014 School Netball teamLast term you may remember that our student netball team, made up of Year 5 and Year 6 students, went to Melbourne and came second in the state during the Victorian Netball Schools Championship. This term they faced an even bigger challenge than the nine teams they played on that day. This term they faced the teachers of KPS in what is now the annual Staff vs Students Netball game.

Last Friday, October 10th, saw the back basketball courts a flurry of cheering, athleticism and (some) rule bending as the students tried to claim the title from the teachers who have held onto it for the last five years. It was a fast, rough and energetic game with lots of interesting “interpretations” of some rules by the teachers!

For a while it was goal for goal but towards the end of the second quarter the teachers had pulled away by a couple and at half time were up on the scoreboard. It stayed close through the rest of the game with the students keeping careful possession of the ball in their shooting end but the large passes and strong intercepts by the teachers saw them finish victorious by four goals at the end.

The game was played with very good sportsmanship and lots of humour both on and off the court. The student spectators who cheered both for the student and the staff teams were very loud and made the whole place feel very exciting. Thanks to the student netball team who did an amazing job on court and a special thanks to those staff members who came out for the team, particularly those had no idea how to play – you all did a fantastic job and we can thankfully say that no staff were harmed during the period of play!

Bring on next year!