Staff vs Students Netball Clash

2014 School Netball teamLast term you may remember that our student netball team, made up of Year 5 and Year 6 students, went to Melbourne and came second in the state during the Victorian Netball Schools Championship. This term they faced an even bigger challenge than the nine teams they played on that day. This term they faced the teachers of KPS in what is now the annual Staff vs Students Netball game.

Last Friday, October 10th, saw the back basketball courts a flurry of cheering, athleticism and (some) rule bending as the students tried to claim the title from the teachers who have held onto it for the last five years. It was a fast, rough and energetic game with lots of interesting “interpretations” of some rules by the teachers!

For a while it was goal for goal but towards the end of the second quarter the teachers had pulled away by a couple and at half time were up on the scoreboard. It stayed close through the rest of the game with the students keeping careful possession of the ball in their shooting end but the large passes and strong intercepts by the teachers saw them finish victorious by four goals at the end.

The game was played with very good sportsmanship and lots of humour both on and off the court. The student spectators who cheered both for the student and the staff teams were very loud and made the whole place feel very exciting. Thanks to the student netball team who did an amazing job on court and a special thanks to those staff members who came out for the team, particularly those had no idea how to play – you all did a fantastic job and we can thankfully say that no staff were harmed during the period of play!

Bring on next year!