Walking to School Bus morning

Oh what a beautiful morning! Friday morning saw wonderful sunshine – even if there was a bit of cool wind around – which pleased lots of students and teachers as we prepared for another Walking to School Bus morning!

KPS has been holding Walking to School Bus mornings for the past few years. The focus is on healthy living and exercise which is promoted by a walk to school with teachers, parents and students followed with breakfast for those involved. At 8am on these mornings teachers set out towards school from different points around the town, “picking up” students (and parents) who are waiting to “catch the bus” to school that day. Once at school a healthy breakfast of toast, cereal, fruit and juice is on offer – to have as their first or second breakfast of the day!

Friday October 17th saw many students join in on the KPS Walking Buses and it was a wonderful success, as it has been in the past. Thankfully the weather was cooperating with us and we all had a lovely walk on our routes to school – I didn’t hear any reports of magpie swooping either thankfully!

This month the South Gippsland Shire are promoting the Walking to School Buses and as a result of holding ours last week, KPS received a participation certificate and a voucher from SportsFirst for the school. Thank you to the Shire for their support of the Walking School Bus initiative and Korumburra Primary School.

Here are some pictures of some students enjoying their breakfast once they arrived at school: