Year 5 Peer Mediation Training

The grade 5’s have recently been down to the scout hall to complete their Peer Mediation Training. Whilst they were there, they learnt about dealing with small problems that may occur with students at lunch time and recess. They also played several games to test their cooperation, listening, and lots of other very important skills […]

RACV Energy Breakthrough

On Wednesday morning (19-11-14) everyone in the HPV/Pushcart teams drove all the way up to Maryborough. It took us around 4 hours to get there and when we arrived it was very very hot! The HPVs competed in the endurance event which kicked off on Friday at 12:00am until 6:00am with a 9 hour break […]

Year 5’s Take Over Action Stations!

The Year 5’s recently have taken over Action Stations groups as they get ready to make the transition next year to Year 6. The grades 6’s are still doing Action Stations but they are helping the Year 5’s and giving them tips. The Year 5’s started off wonderfully on the 11/11/14 doing a great job […]

Year 2 Sleepover

Last Thursday night was the annual Year 2 sleepover. Each year as part of the Camps program our Year 2 students sleep the night at school with their teachers and this year was no exception, with the 60 plus students setting up their mattresses and sleeping bags throughout the Senior Building. After having an amazing […]

Music: Count Us In Performance

KPS participated in a very special event on Thursday 30th October when the whole school took part in the Music Count Us In performance. This very special event is in its 7th year and it was very exciting for us to take part in for the first time. According to the website, Music: Count Us […]