Music: Count Us In Performance

Music Count Us InKPS participated in a very special event on Thursday 30th October when the whole school took part in the Music Count Us In performance. This very special event is in its 7th year and it was very exciting for us to take part in for the first time.

According to the website, Music: Count Us In (MCUI) is Australia’s biggest school initiative with more than 500,000 participating students from over 2,100 schools nationwide. There is a special song that is created each year by students and musicians and shared with schools participating. Every school learns this song and then at the same time and day across the country everyone sings! There is a live streaming broadcast from Canberra where schools can watch and count down with everyone.

MCUI 2Thanks to Ms Smith for teaching us the song and having us participate. We all had a lot of fun! Thanks also to Mr Abicare and the Korumburra Secondary College Band who came along to play our backing music. They then showed us their instruments and played a few other songs for us – including Frozen!

So you can hear how wonderful we all were, here is Korumburra Primary singing at the top of their lungs for Music Count Us In:

This year the song was “Paint You a Song” – here is the YouTube video if you wish to hear the whole song: