Year 2 Sleepover

IMG_1239Last Thursday night was the annual Year 2 sleepover. Each year as part of the Camps program our Year 2 students sleep the night at school with their teachers and this year was no exception, with the 60 plus students setting up their mattresses and sleeping bags throughout the Senior Building.

IMG_1271After having an amazing dinner provided by our parents, the Year 2s took part in some games and ice cream decorating. Once everyone had eaten and had heaps of fun, a movie was on the agenda and students lay down in our wonderful Senior Building middle area to watch (and laugh!).

IMG_1294The excitement and energy had drained by the end of the movie but it still took everyone a little while to settle into their beds and fall asleep. Some found it easier than others but most people ended up having a good sleep – until the sun rose in the morning and shone through the ceiling windows telling us it was time to wake up (it was a bit early)!

Year 2 students and teachers would love to thank all the parents who provided food – it was shared between dinner, supper, breakfast and recess the next day! Thank you to all the parents for helping set up mattresses and sleeping bags on Thursday night and picking them up again on Friday. A very special thank you must go to the parents who came into school early on Friday morning to help out with breakfast. Also we could not have held the sleepover without the adults who slept over with the students – a very big thank you to the Junior Department teachers and Mr Pirouet.

Below are some photo collages from the Sleepover – click on each to open in larger size to view. There was lots of fun happening and these photos show some of what we got up to!