Music News

It was an eerily warm April morning this Anzac Day in 2015. We gathered in the wee hours to pay our respects to those who allowed us to live the lives in which we live today.

Twenty four Choir students from Korumburra Primary School gathered to represent our school and our community at this year’s Dawn and Morning Anzac Day Services, celebrating the Centenary of our troops landing in Gallipoli.

The Choir were outstanding in many ways, showing off their hard work in rehearsals in the weeks prior to our celebrations and commemorative services. The staff and I were extremely proud of the way in which our students conducted themselves at both events. They did not only sing to the best of their ability with control and understanding, but they demonstrated to the wider community a humble understanding of what Anzac Day represents for them and their fellow Australians. They are, and were all model citizens for their generation and the generations of KPS students to follow.

Congratulations on your stunning performances at the Dawn and Morning Anzac Day Services, and for your want to represent the school and your wider community at our very own Anzac Day Assembly on Friday the 24th of April. Thank-you all Choir members little and big. You were amazing.

Thank-you for all your hard work if you haven’t seen it yet, check out our kids doing us proud on the Win news Facebook page

Thank-you to Nathan Pirouet, Dave Gray, Ellyn Zizic, Rachel Warren, Jenny Mulqueeny, Shelley Snooks for your support and help in the lead up to the Anzac Day Services was greatly appreciated by all.

Gabi Mathews

Music Teacher