Student- Parent-Teacher Portfolio Conferences

Thank you to all of the families that have booked in to attend next Monday’s Portfolio Conferences starting at 11:00am and concluding at 7:30pm. As communicated last term there will be no classes run on this day. Your child’s attendance will be recorded when they attend their Portfolio Conferences. Please make alternative arrangements with the school if you are unable to attend on Monday. We know due to work commitments some families are not able to attend. The school is always willing to be flexible to ensure that we are available to speak and meet with parents/guardians at any time throughout the school year.

The online booking system remains open until 3.30 pm on Friday for those parents that have yet to book in a timeslot. Please don’t hesitate to call Betty at the front office to also assist you to make a booking.

Please note that the time for each session is 15 minutes which should allow for students to talk about their goals and achievements and also leave time for parents to speak to the teachers with or without the students present. With each Parent Teacher Student Discussion set to last for a maximum of 15 minutes, if a longer period of time is required, we ask parents to arrange a separate time to continue the discussion.