Traffic Signage Changes in Wrench’s Lane


In consultation with the South Gippsland Shire Council, there are now new line markings and signage in Wrench’s Lane. These improvements are aimed at ensuring the safety of our school community. Please note the new No Parking areas and the No Standing areas at the pull-in area behind the Senior Building in Wrench’s Lane.

The No Parking area allows parents to stop for 3 minutes to drop off their children. It does not allow for parents to be more than 3 metres from their car.

The No Standing area does not allow for stopping.

We hope that if parents abide by the new drop off and pick up regulations and traffic flow is improved then it will not be necessary for parents to want to park illegally in the No Standing area. We also acknowledge that it is difficult for parents at these busy times. We will continue to explore ways of improving traffic safety. Thank you to all of the parents that are patient and tolerant during the busy drop off and pick up times. With the new restrictions in place, please remember that there are other spaces around the school that may be useful pick-up and drop-off points.

These include:

Princes Street at the back of the school

In the marked bays outside the Court House and Police Station in Bridge Street

The IGA car park on Kardella Road

The car park between the Korumburra Hotel car park and the furniture shops across the road from school.

Parents are also reminded that Wrench’s Lane outside the Year 3-4 building is not an area to pull up and wait for your child at the end of the school day. It would be appreciated if those parents who use Wrench’s Lane (down towards the highway) keep moving and don’t stop, thus ensuring a smooth flow of traffic and a quick exit from the school surrounds.