Term 4 has been an extremely busy term from a Human Powered Vehicle point of view.

The 19 Senior School students involved in the program, along with their parents and Mr Wells and I have been readying ourselves for the big Maryborough event from November 18th – 21st .

Below is an update of the upcoming event and what our troops have been up to……………..

KPS has 2 HPV teams entered into this year’s RACV Energy Breakthrough Challenge at Maryborough from November 18th – 21st (made up of Year 5 and 6 students) – the event involves a play/presentation and display boards the kids develop detailing their training, their community, their vehicle and environmental issues. It also includes a 2 hour time trial and then 14 hours of endurance riding over 2 days for teams of ten riders. Approximately 90 HPV teams from around Victoria, interstate and overseas compete in the event. This is the 4th year our school has been involved in the program.

The students have been training during lunchtimes and after school including at Casey Fields, Stony Creek Go Kart track, an upcoming Lap-a-Thon (Stony Creek) and night ride at the Korumburra Caravan Park. Improving their fitness levels, ability to successfully use a geared bike, safety features of the HPV, knowledge of significant environmental issues and being part of a team are all part of the program.

Local businesses have embraced our school’s involvement in the program and have assisted financially which has enabled us to purchase a brand new Tri Sled Kestrel faring and vehicle for this year’s event. This will compliment the team’s 4 year old vehicle that is of the same make and model.