Student Placement 2016

At this time of the year we are heavily involved in planning for next year and making decisions about our class structure and placement of teachers. Although we have not yet formally determined our class structure or, which teachers will be in which classes, we do however at this time of year invite written requests from parents regarding class placement. Any such requests need to be made on sound educational, social or emotional issues and must be in writing. It is not appropriate to make requests for individual teachers, particularly as teachers have not yet been assigned to classes. Please do not assume that because you have had a discussion with a teacher that such a request will be noted and acted upon. All requests must be put in writing.

There are many factors to consider and it is usually not possible to accommodate all requests. Be assured, however that each and every factor in the decision as to where a child is placed next year is given our utmost attention and teachers take great care in making these decisions.

Any requests for class placement are to be addressed to the Principal and marked ‘confidential’. The specific content of any such letters will be kept in the strictest confidence but the intent of the request obviously will need to be discussed when class lists are generated. Any parents who may have concerns about student placement for 2016 could also make an appointment to speak to either David Gray or myself.

The opportunity for parent input for 2016 is only available for a brief period (all requests must be in by Friday the 20th of November) as there is a lot of time, effort and consideration put in by teachers to arrange appropriate class groups for the following year.

It is also important that any parents who intend to enrol a new Prep student please do so as soon as possible as again we need to have accurate figures for our planning. Thank you for your assistance with this.