Calendar of Events

2016 March 14th March – Labour Day Public Holiday 15th—18th March – Year 6 Wilson’s Prom Camp 15th—16th March – Year 5 Urban Camp 16th March – Finance Meeting 4.30 pm. – Publicity and Marketing – Buildings and Grounds 5.30 pm. 19th March – Working Bee 21st March – Year Level Relays – Year 6 […]

Emergency Evacuation Drill – Offsite (Korumburra Recreation Centre)

On Friday 4th March our school undertook an Offsite Emergency Evacuation. Our school staff and children were well prepared to practice our offsite evacuation drill. Our ultimate aim was to exit all of our students and staff off the school premises in a calm and orderly manner. All students and staff walked directly to the Korumburra Rec. Centre. […]