Emergency Evacuation Drill – Offsite (Korumburra Recreation Centre)

On Friday 4th March our school undertook an Offsite Emergency Evacuation. Our school staff and children were well prepared to practice our offsite evacuation drill. Our ultimate aim was to exit all of our students and staff off the school premises in a calm and orderly manner. All students and staff walked directly to the Korumburra Rec. Centre.

Important information for parents

In the event of an emergency it is imperative that the school is able to quickly communicate to all parents. Again I would like to remind parents that the most efficient way for us to communicate to all parents quickly is through the School App. Please subscribe to this if you haven’t already.

Korumburra Primary School is in the process of subscribing to the State Government School Emergency Service SMS service.

In the event of an emergency it is really important that parents are able to closely follow directions from the school. Please keep in mind that the safety of everyone, including the parents, relies on a coordinated response that will be directed by the school and emergency services.

In the event of a Legitimate Offsite Evacuation parents will be instructed to come to the Korumburra Rec. Centre to collect their child. Students will not be released until it has been deemed safe to do so. All parents must speak to their child’s teacher before taking their child home. This will be recorded by the teacher in charge.

Our school regularly practices emergency drills. In 2016 we will ensure that we clearly communication to parents what their role is in the event of an emergency. Thank you for your support.