KPS celebrating its 125th Birthday – save the date – the afternoon of Saturday the 15th October

Many people would be aware that 2016 marks the 125th year that our great school has been in existence. I am pleased to announce that a working party has been planning an event for our school community to celebrate this significant milestone. As part of the celebration the school will also acknowledge this with the raising of a time capsule that was placed into the ground way back in 1991 when we celebrated the centenary of the school. We would like to invite all members of our school community to attend, both past and present. Please spread the word if you know ex-students, staff, and parents that may wish to attend. The day will begin with registra-tion and school tours at 1pm, the formalities will start at 2:00pm. At 2:30 we will be offering photo opportunities, catching up with old friends and col-leagues and potentially some games for the children in attendance.

In the coming weeks you will receive further details of this event. We will also ensure that we advertise in local papers, The Burra Flyer and possibly more broadly in the Herald Sun.


Korumburra Community Comedy Night Fundraiser – save the date – the evening of Saturday the 17th September

The Karmai Community Children’s Centre (KCCC), St Joseph’s Primary School and Korumburra Primary School have teamed up to organise a combined fundraiser. We are planning to hold a comedy night at the Italian Club on the first Saturday night of the school holidays – Saturday 17th September. Our aim is to have approximately 180 people in attendance. KPS will be looking to fill 6 tables of 10 people. If you would like to reserve a seat, or a table for that matter, please call the School office.

Further details such as the cost and the start and finish time will be sent out at a later date. This notification is essentially to ask our interested parents to save the date. This combined fundraiser is a great opportunity for our school communities to come together, have some fun and raise some money for our children at the same time. A huge thank you to KCCC for initiating this event.


Breakfast Club

Next Monday 8th August will see KPS kick off our Breakfast Club. This is set to take place from 8:15 – 8:50 from the Canteen on a Monday and Wednesday morning. It will be staffed by some of our ES staff, Mr Pirouet and myself, some parent volunteers as well as a number of our Year 6 students. The Breakfast Club is aimed at providing breakfast to those many students who for whatever reason do not come to school having eaten. We are all aware of the importance of a healthy breakfast to kick-start us into our busy days but for some families, this is simply not possible. Unlike our Walking School Bus Mornings where we all get together for a Big Breakfast after our walks, Breakfast Club isn’t meant to be an opportunity for students to have a second breakfast!

The menu for Monday will consist of cereal and tinned fruit, followed by toast and spreads and then hot Milo or a glass of water. The menu will change from day to day with some days having porridge or baked beans on the menu.

If any parents would like to assist please contact me and we can provide you with more details. We hope Monday will see lots of hungry mouths fed, ready for the day ahead.


Curriculum Day (Pupil Free) – Monday 22nd August

On Wednesday night’s School Council Meeting (3/8), approval was given for a Pupil-Free Curriculum Day to be held on Monday 22nd August. On Monday 22nd August, the staff will take part in a number of activities relating to the new Victorian Curriculum, Learning Tasks as part of teacher assessment of students and reporting of each child’s achievement on Compass as well as doing some further professional development relating to Dyslexia. Children are not expected at school on this Curriculum Day – Monday 22nd August. Please do not hesitate to contact Nathan or myself if you wish to discuss this further.