Breakfast Club

Next Monday 8th August will see KPS kick off our Breakfast Club. This is set to take place from 8:15 – 8:50 from the Canteen on a Monday and Wednesday morning. It will be staffed by some of our ES staff, Mr Pirouet and myself, some parent volunteers as well as a number of our Year 6 students. The Breakfast Club is aimed at providing breakfast to those many students who for whatever reason do not come to school having eaten. We are all aware of the importance of a healthy breakfast to kick-start us into our busy days but for some families, this is simply not possible. Unlike our Walking School Bus Mornings where we all get together for a Big Breakfast after our walks, Breakfast Club isn’t meant to be an opportunity for students to have a second breakfast!

The menu for Monday will consist of cereal and tinned fruit, followed by toast and spreads and then hot Milo or a glass of water. The menu will change from day to day with some days having porridge or baked beans on the menu.

If any parents would like to assist please contact me and we can provide you with more details. We hope Monday will see lots of hungry mouths fed, ready for the day ahead.