Prep 2018 Orientation Session 1

The first of our KPS Prep 2018 Orientation Sessions will be taking place next Wednesday 20th September from 9.15am – 10.30am with this year’s prep teachers. The Year 5’s will be helping with the session by entertaining and educating this year’s preps under the supervision of the Year 5 teachers. New prep parents are invited to stay for a cup of tea or coffee in the staffroom once they have dropped off their children to the prep classrooms. We are certainly looking forward to meeting some new faces and welcoming them in our school community.

KPS Soiree

On Tuesday next week (19th September) students will be getting together and showcasing their musical talents at our annual Soiree. The Soiree will be taking place in the Senior Building from 5pm – 7pm. We invite students, parents and other family to attend and there will be some light refreshments and snacks. Look forward to seeing you there.

KPS Has Got Talent

Next Monday (18th September) we will be hosting ‘KPS Has Got Talent’. There are over 15 acts and I know many students (along with Mrs Jackson) have been working hard in preparation for this event. All students will be attending and parents, grandparents and other family members are invited along from 1.30pm onwards. We are looking forward to seeing what hidden talents students here at KPS have to offer!