Calendar of Events


1st November – Junior Aquatic Education- Prep Transition Session 2

4th November – Report Writing Day Pupil Free

5th November – Melbourne Cup Day

8th November – Junior Aquatic Education- Prep Zoo Excursion

11th November – Prep Transition Session 3

15th November – Junior Aquatic Education

22nd November – Junior Aquatic Education

27th November – SGMP Combined Concert Day

28th November – Prep Transition Session – Xmas Tree orders to be in

29th November – Junior Aquatic Education


2nd December – Xmas Tree orders to be picked up

4th December – Soiree

5th December – SGMP Junior Concert Day

6th December – Junior Aquatic Education

10th December – Transition Year 6 to 7- Prep Transition Session 5

12th December – Year 6 Graduation

13th December – Raffle tickets for hamper to be in.

14h December – Christmas Choir Event with SG Concert Band

16th December – Xmas Hamper Raffle Draw- Reports live on Compass

20th December – Christmas Choir Event at Coal Creek

January, 2020

27th January – Australia Day Public Holiday

29th January – 1st Day for students


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