Physical Education

P.E. Classes

Students from Years Prep – 6 have P.E. classes for an hour each week. They participate in a comprehensive program which includes dance, fundamental motor skills, PMP (Perceptual Motor Program), ball handling skills, games, athletics, fitness and Aquatic Education.

An intensive Aquatic Education program of up to 5 days is held each year at the local outdoor swimming pool for students in Years 3 – 6 in Term 1. A basic Water Safety program is held at the local heated pool in Term 4 for students in Prep – Year 2.


action stations Aug 2014Action Stations

Students at KPS are involved in our whole school physical movement program two mornings a week for 20 minutes. Groups consist of a mixed group of students from Prep – Year 5 who are led in their activity by a small team of Year 6 students. Activities that can be seen happening on Wednesday and Thursday mornings include skipping, games, obstacle courses, running and aerobics.



Sport across KPSHouse Athletics Collage

  • Swimming Carnival – held in Term 1 and is for Years 3 – 6.
  • Athletics Carnival – held in Term 1 normally and involves the whole school community.
  • Cross Country – held in Term 2 and involves the whole student body (with junior, middle and senior distances).

Year 3 – 6 students are involved in one hour of sport each week where they focus on skills and team games.

Year 4 students take part in a series of practical sessions related to bike riding skills and theory. The program aims to improve student riding skills, develop their understanding of bike mechanics and build an appreciation of bikes, traffic safety and the regulations that relate to bikes.

Year 5 and 6 students also participate in a Winter Sport round robin against other local primary schools, where the aim is friendly competition played in the spirit of good sportsmanship. Sports played in this competition can include Football, Netball, Hockey, Soccer, T-ball and Volleyball. The Winter Sport competition culminates in a Lightning Premiership tournament in football, netball and soccer. The winning teams from this competition move forward to the regional state tournament.

Representative Sports

Students at KPS are also able to represent our school in a number of different sports, both individually and in teams, at various levels locally and across the region.