The Arts

Performing Arts and Visual Arts Program

Our school is fortunate to offer students, Visual Arts and Performing Arts sessions for an hour each week. Students are also invited to participate in art competitions, choir, singing and instrumental lessons.

Art Show

Each year our school puts on a themed Art Show that showcases student work completed throughout the whole year.

An exhibition of student art is an opportunity for our community to enjoy the creativity of our students and engage with their learning. Student Art exhibitions are an integral part of our curriculum where we provide an opportunity for student’s artistic achievements to be recognised. It is through this demonstration that we are able to gain an insight into how our students are thinking critically and creatively about their world. Visual Arts teacher Rachel Warren, has supported our students in developing their artistic skills and encouraging them to represent that learning in a way that we can all admire and celebrate.

As a community we are now reaping the benefits of the students learning by coming together and celebrating their achievement.

In 2018, by auctioning these incredible pieces of work we are fulfilling the requirement of creating work for a purpose and all monies raised will go towards further supporting our exceptional Visual Arts Program.

Congratulations to Rachel and our students for presenting an amazing exhibition for presentation to our community.


Every second year the whole school becomes involved in the school production. The theme and story change every year, although it is generally a story conceived and created by teachers from the school. It is run mainly out of the Performing Arts Program, although the Art room gets involved with costumes and sets, while the P.E. sessions are often involved with learning dances.