Heritage buildingIn 2013 the school proudly celebrated the centenary of the original Heritage building on our grounds. This building is still used today in our school and houses classrooms, a computer annexe, our Library and our Art Room. Our school has improved its buildings and facilities over recent years and stands proud of what we are able to offer to our students, funded not only by our School Council and the Government but also by grants approved from local businesses such as our local IGA Supermarket.

On the afternoon of Saturday 15th October 2016, KPS celebrated its 125th Birthday. To help celebrate this milestone, a time capsule that was placed into the ground way back in 1991 when we celebrated the centenary of the school was raised.

We have a vegetable garden that is utilised by the school community with the students from the gardening club co-coordinating this. This club is usually held during a lunch time with the students preparing, planting and producing the produce to be used across various programs within the curriculum.

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