Child Safety: Information for Parents

Below you will find information to support parents and carers in providing the best support for this child possible. Information ranges from school policies in a number of areas including bullying and harassment.

Additional links include readings and tips for parents across all curriculum areas, including the social and emotional health of your child.


Please click on the links below to find out more information:

Child Safety

2019 4.1 Curriculum Policy

2109 4.2 Continuous Improvement Policy

2019 5A.2 Anti Discrimination Policy

2019 5A.3 Anti Harassment Policy

2019 5A.4 Bullying Policy 2


Interesting Reading/Parenting Tips

Children Reading Literature

Depression Proofing Your Kids

NZ Brain Changing Interventions Report

Preparing for Tests

SCARF David Rock

Spotting the Symptoms of Specific Learning Disorders

Ten Ways to Promote the Natural Genius in your Child