HPV & Pushcart


NOVEMBER 19th – 22nd, 2014.


On a slightly overcast, humid Korumburra morning, a large group of eager, enthusiastic students, parents and teachers headed off to the RACV Energy Breakthrough Challenge in Maryborough. The Energy Breakthrough Challenge encourages school students and their communities to work together to build or modify either a pushcart and/or a Human Powered Vehicle and race/enter them in various situations. The Challenge has a huge environmental focus of reusing, renew and recycling. All teams must present a play and display board to the judges, have their vehicle scrutineered for safety, demonstrate knowledge of their vehicle, control their vehicle under a wide range of various race conditions and most importantly, be a supportive and contributing member of a team.

After successfully setting up camp on the surface of the magnificent Princes Park on Wednesday, Thursday saw both teams registering riders and vehicles being scrutineered for safety.

Over the next few days our students stoically performed in varying conditions, exhibiting gladiatorial type stamina and sticking together with their teammates.


3Our pushcart team finished midfield out of 60 odd pushcarts which was a fantastic effort, including an amazing 2nd place in their Sprint heat.

Our HPV teams Burra Burn and Burra Blaze gave it their very best in all aspects of the display/presentations, design and construction, scrutineering and over 16 hours of racing. Burra Burn completed 293 laps finishing in 64th position and Burra Blaze completed 208 laps in 73rd position. The troops from both teams stuck together over the three days of racing, representing their school with pride and a gritty determination to complete the journey together. After Maddie and Ollie completed the final lap of the endurance event on the Saturday for each team, the Maryborough tradition of hoisting the vehicles on the team’s shoulders symbolised a job well done.

10Thank You

A thank you must also be delivered to those parents who assisted, welded, fixed, drove, cooked, sewed, massaged, timed and encouraged our students along their journey. I know the students are busy working on designing and delivering a unique thank you to all of those people (and organisations) that have assisted our teams along the way.

Bring on 2015 !!!!

Craig Friebe – Pushcart and Human Powered Vehicle Co-ordinator