Junior School Council

Our Junior School Council is made of two students from each class who are selected to represent their peers by democratic voting. Depending on the year level, students may be required to speak to their class and share why they wish to be a JSC representative or why they would make a good representative for their class. Two meetings are held – one for Prep to Year 2 students and another for Year 3 to Year 6 students.

While the meetings are facilitated by a member of staff, our Year 6 students are also involved in running the Junior School Council. The students who are selected to represent each Year 6 class then hold the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer within the JSC.

Year 6 Badge Leadership

Year 6 students apply for leadership positions at the end of Year 5. They are selected following an interview process. Leadership positions that are available for Year 6 students following this process include School Captains, Vice Captains and House Captains for each of the four Citizenship Houses.

Peer Mediation

Year 6 students take part in Peer Mediation during recess and lunch times. In pairs or groups of three, students walk around the play areas and assist with small problems that can occur between younger students during play time. The Year 6 students receive two days of training in basic Restorative Justice practices at the end of Year 5 and spend Term 4 shadowing Year 6 students to observe and then put into practice their skills. Yard duty teachers are also on duty to support students in this leadership role.

Action Stations

Year 6 students lead this whole school program each week. They are placed in small teams and are involved in planning their activities and leading the sessions each week. They are also responsible for setting up their stations each day.

Year 5 students are involved in being the leaders of their team. They are responsible for gathering their team and taking them to each new activity each week. They keep an eye on the new students and Preps each year so they know what is going on. They are also responsible for putting away the equipment that has been used during the sessions.